You don’t have to be loudest in the room. You don’t have to be the most visible. Sometimes, you can be strong for you both in a more simple way.

In this video, Dr. Jan shares that one SIMPLE STEP – one that can provide a HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT on your relationship and change negative communication patterns between you. She calls it “Standing Still.” ⠀

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Standing Still is a bit paradoxical! It’s STOPPING any old behaviors that have not been working. Yet this is not passive.

Here’s the key – If you’re not getting the positive results you want – and the same thing happens time and time again when you try to address it the same old way, then stop. By stopping you can focus on what you are feeling when this happens between you. You can focus on what you really want. You want to be effective, right? Of course, you do.⠀

You want a good relationship – and owning your part in the kerfuffles or battles or disengagements is the FIRST STEP. So, stand still and reflect. Learn a new way – a better way.  ⠀

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Dr. Jan Hoistad