Today’s article is Part II of a 3 part series For the HOME-BASED Business Owner, entitled: Just Because I’m Home Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Working! PART II: 9 Suggestions to Train Everyone Around You So You Can Run a Successful Business AND Have a Happy Home Life!

But before I launch into the suggestions for today, did you read and take action on at least a few of the tips in last week’s article?

Which suggestions did you find most helpful?

You know, reading the information is only half the equation for creating change and developing the rock-solid home-based business you desire. It takes action to make change stick, so be sure to read Part I before moving on to today’s article. You’ll find it here:

  • PART I: 12 Suggestions to Train Your Self to Eliminate Disruptions So You Can Run a Successful Business Out of Your Home.
  • And stay tuned for Part III in which I’ll give you Tips for Working at Home With The One You Love—Without Driving One Another Crazy!

So here are my 9 Suggestions to Train Everyone Around You—So You Can Run a Successful Business AND Have a Happy Home Life

  1. Hold Scheduling Meetings with Your Mate & Family

Keep them happy and they will keep you happy. If everyone is informed about what the rest of the family is up to, desires, wants and needs, everyone will be happier. So make it a habit.

I always recommend late Sunday afternoon before dinner as a great time for couple weekly planning and family scheduling meetings.

Start out with a quick round of appreciations, then move on to a short scheduling + planning session. If anything requires a bigger discussion decide when that will happen and schedule that as a separate agenda (eg planning a family vacation.)

Follow this up with a nice dinner and game or activity. 

  1. Have Family and Friends Email or Text (a repeat from Part I, but necessary for you and them)

I happen to have some very communicative family members. If you do too, you might train them to email or text. Then train yourself to look at emails or texts (even phone calls) at specific times each day (2-3 times are advised.) Then everyone can count on you to check and respond to emails or texts. If they can count on you, they may bug you less often!

  1. Friends and Phone Calls

Let your friends know when good times are to call and actually get a personal response. I know I go into my “business” mode when I’m working and my response to casual friendly calls is not as friendly during those times. Close friends know this and keep it short or get to the point when they do need to speak during my workday. They know it’s not personal because we’ve discussed it.

  1. Inform Others of Your Personal Quirks

I’m going to let you in on an example of one of my quirks …..I personally am often still working—it’s “thinking time”—while I am making my lunch or coffee, throwing in a load of laundry or turning on the sprinkler. If it’s during my “working hours” I still don’t want to be disturbed even if I am, heating up a cup of soup or pouring coffee. So it’s important to let others know this is still “working time” if you do not wish to be disturbed

  1. Train Your Kids

Enlist your kids to come up with ways to track their needs but hold off on getting them met one at a time throughout the day. Have them keep a written list in notebook or on a bulletin board of things they want or need from you that are not emergencies. Then set a scheduled time each week or every few days where you talk about their lists and needs and you give them your undivided attention.

  1. No Big Bands

When you do need total quiet (as I do when making a video or speaking on the phone with a client call) let your household know the times they need to keep the noise level down. It’s not the time for your son to practice on his drum set or husband to mow the lawn outside your office window! Then close your office door.

  1. Make “Dates” With Your Close People Each Week or Month

Again, keep everyone happy and they will be more likely to collaborate with you.

Give each child a special date with you each month. Something they can count on. Plan it well ahead and stick to it. That way they know they have your full and undivided attention-away from work-to play or talk with you. That way they won’t feel needy.

Do the same with your mate. A “sacred date night” every few weeks will keep you connected. This is not a time to schedule or talk about the kids. It’s time to reconnect about something fun or some things important to the two of you.

Do the same with your close friends.

  1. Family Dinner Nights

Schedule regular family dinner nights that everyone can count on – including you! Close the office door and enjoy your loved ones!

  1. Pet Routines

Pets and people are pretty similar. They need to know when they can count on you. They do best with routines and when they have regular attention. If they have this, they will often go take a nap or play elsewhere. If not they are going to bug you. So have regular times when pets are fed, watered, walked and played with. Take the dog for 1-3 walks a day. It will get you out even if it’s for a walk around 3 blocks. Air your head and the dog will then leave you alone in between times.

Or train your family to do this.

  1. Take the Weekend Off & Play

 Again, a no-brainer for you and everyone around you



I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Again, I know that so many of you work from home at least part-time. I’d love for you to share what works for you in keeping the peace, staying connected with loved ones AND running your business.




Dr. Jan Hoistad