While some business partners start out as friends, or friendly, it isn’t a requirement to be friends to have a thriving business. In fact some
business partners start out as close confidants and then don’t know how to shift when differences come to the surface. Some never establish the mature foundation important in a long-lasting business relationship.

Navigating Challenges Together

Ingredients of a solid foundation include a steadfast respect for one another as human beings and workmates, impeccable accountability that maintains trust, laser-focus on working the business objectives, and an unwavering perspective that two or more heads are better than one. And acknowledging that challenges arise, a deep commitment to working through them together. Adopting consistent partnering mindset, tools, and skills help you work efficiently and navigate the challenges, saving you time and money.

Healthy, mature, successful partnerships establish a solid
foundation from the beginning and maintain it throughout.
They understand that long-lasting partnerships grow
through stages and require consistent commitment to
navigate each stage and grow together. Mature partners
have a growth mindset, always open to learning—not only
staying on top of the latest best business practices, but
growing personally and growing in all their relationships.
They live their values, and role model them in their business
and personal relationships.

                               -Dr. Jan Hoistad

In many fundamental ways, business partnerships are like marriage partnerships. Those that are long-lasting are well-vetted around compatibility, skill sets, and financials. They are consciously developed with deep discussions around the business, and acknowledge personal life needs and future dreams. Partners who start this way do so knowing that business is really all about people. Productive, high-performing people are fully aligned—in both their work lives, and their personal lives. Most importantly, successful long-lasting partnerships are consistently maintained with care for all the relationships impacted by the business, because in the long-run,these relationships ARE the business.

Dr. Jan Hoistad

Business/Career/Executive Coach, Relationship Expert, Blogger, Author

When a business partnership is going well, it’s great. There’s energy, creativity, productivity. Differences put partnership stability to the test. Coming together as business partners pools connections, spreads financial risk, may increase the employee base, and expand the marketplace. Difference can feel like something resolvable together. But when experienced as threatening, it creates disconnection. If there is out-and-out conflict, a business partnership can quickly deteriorate and spread negativity like a virus throughout a team or company. Having the mindset, tools, and skills to navigate together is a necessity for a smooth functioning business and long-lasting partnership.  https://drjanhoistadpartners.com

Dr. Jan Hoistad