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Negative employees are everywhere. Odds are good, everyone has been that person at one point in his or her career. I was once that employee, and the reason for my negativity corresponded with my purpose. I had no real purpose for being in that position. I wanted more out of my job and wanted different things than that employer could provide me.
Whether you’re in a bad situation or not, finding your purpose is important. And until recently, I’d been floating around, trying to align myself with the career path I was currently in. I realized that I was trying to be someone I could not. No matter how hard I tried, something wasn’t working.
Everyone has a purpose. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what that is. It takes thought, time, and a lot of energy. It’s important to understand why you’re here and what’s your reason for your work.
Once I realized this for myself, I started targeting my career to fit my purpose.
Working with purpose allows me to be the person I truly want to be. It allows me to act accordingly. Everything has become clearer. It may have taken me 29 years to figure out, but I’m now working for my goals and my values.
Reflect on what you want (or your values). It’s important to understand your values. These are a part of you.
“Everyone has values, but this is the process of making them reality.  Learning how to communicate these to others is golden.”

Look at how your current employer can provide it. There are many ways of thinking outside the box. You have to evaluate how and if your employer can help you align your values or purpose with your work.  The answer may be that the employer cannot provide this.  Before “jumping ship,” evaluate ways you can learn, grow, and thrive in the circumstances you are in.
Think about your future. This sounds easy. But for me, this was the hardest step. Until I realized my values and purpose, I didn’t know what my future had in store. I was okay with taking it day by day. Thinking about my future gives me motivation and energy. It allows me to strive for what I want and taking little steps every day to prepare myself.
Align your work with your values. The way that I did this was by communicating with those I trusted around me. I went over the numerous options, including leaving my current workplace or readjusting my attitude and outlook to get what I could from the situation. It wasn’t until I communicated out loud that I realized that I was bad at this.
Finding your Purpose is no easy task. But with a little thought, perspiration, and a lot of questioning, this can help you not only in your work life but your entire life. Just strive to live your purpose.

Emily Hinderaker
Emily is the People and Project Assistant at (DJHP) Dr. Jan Hoistad Partners, where she and other team members provide support services to busy professionals in need of a helping hand. She wears many hats in the organization and is passionate about helping busy professionals who are passionate about what they do. Recent projects include writing, editing, researching, creating power points, strategic planning, and scheduling. QuickBooks, project management, email campaigns, creating visuals, contact management, event planning and coordination and much more. Emily is always looking to expand her portfolio with new and exciting projects. She offers creativity, efficiency and peace of mind.
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