We Believe in Couples and Partnering Well Done.

When it comes to couples, ours is a unique approach to relationships. It’s for committed couples who dream big. You want a thriving life. Your relationship, family life, professional pursuits, and maybe even a growing business are all of piece. You want all aspects comfortably melded, yet sometimes it’s important to disentangle them to make sure each facet is thriving on its own. We are here to help you smooth out your daily details and reach for your greatest visions. Learning how to do this together is invaluable. We know how to help you get there.

This article covers the following:

The mindset, skills and tools of the Big Picture Partnering coaching approach, developed by Dr. Jan Hoistad, are especially helpful for professional couples with two careers, entrepreneurial couples with one or two businesses, or the couple with one overseeing the household organization while the other works in the business. It’s all about coming together around values and vision, making decisions together—partnering towards the same end goals and life vision together. And having more fun in the process.


Couples learn to work together as a team

Work as a team. Focus on your values, clarify your vision and work toward your dreams together

The Big Picture Partnering Vision:

We believe mature, fully self-expressive people, surrounded by relationships and partnerships that support prosperity and fulfillment on all levels, can make the greatest and most generous contributions to the world.

Partnering as a couple can be especially powerful and have a huge ripple effect on everyone around you—and beyond. It’s at the intersection of self-knowledge, creativity, and partnering connection where this can happen.  That’s where we come in.

How We Do It:

Coupling through the ages and stages of a multifaceted life is a challenge, and it takes a great deal of balance, juggling, and compromise. The two of you aren’t just working toward that big picture goal for a shared future. You aren’t just raising a family. Running a business or developing one or two professional lives. You’re trying to follow your own paths — paths shaped by your personal values, priorities, and objectives.

Our approach to couple coaching takes all of that into consideration. We acknowledge the goals of each individual in relation to the goals of the couple and the family. We look at those dreams, desires, and visions for your collective and respective futures. We clear away the clutter, address the gaps, and dig deep to develop the kind of relationship that’s supportive of the person, the couple, and the family unit.

Big Picture Partnering offers a new model.

In this easy to follow program, you will learn the concepts, tools, and skills that help you create a satisfying partnership together—a partnership that is as satisfying as your work, your friendships, and your hobbies. This coaching approach will teach you how to put things right when they have gotten off track. Big Picture Partnering is the solution. It isn’t just a skill or technique, nor is it therapy or fixing what’s wrong with either partner in the relationship. Big Picture Partnering teaches you steps that, when combined and practiced consistently, keep your connection alive and your relationship rock-solid. This Big Picture approach is a completely different way of being in a partnership—and of being together in the world—that offers couples lives full of spontaneity and possibility.

Why We Do It

We’re passionate about the possibilities of long-lasting committed partnerships.

When lived well, they rock!

That’s the long and the short of it.

Are you ready to have a relationship that rocks?

When couples have a strong partnership, everything goes more smoothly, they have more fun and reach their big picture goals with greater ease–because they do it together!

Success at Every Stage

Big Picture Partnering is your couples’ toolkit to take with you the rest of your lives. You’ll learn the mindset, steps and skills to develop a rock-solid Big Picture relationship in which you grow together over time.

Couple coaching is about giving you the tools to achieve your goals. Clarifying your core values, individual and shared visions, it’s about results. Reaching and achieving your visions and living a thriving life. It’s about learning the skills and behaviors to bring about the life each of you want now and in the future. Then, combining your personal paths with your shared path to keep you on track, to support your dreams. What’s more, we’re committed to seeing you through every step along the way.


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