Maybe you’re feeling your particular company or corporate environment isn’t a life-giving, vibrant or creative match for you?  Or you’re at a crossroad and need to design a whole life, not just a work-life. You’re career-focused and your work IS your life but right now, but it’s not a reflection of “you.” So you’re feeling unchallenged or bored. And it may be that it’s just time and something has to change. You don’t want to wake up 3 or 5 or 10 years from now feeling regretful that life has passed you by.

All of these are reasons to pay attention and begin to create time, space and action steps to figure out your next life and work iteration. It’s not a great time to be impulsive. If you’re not going to be impulsive, the question becomes: Where Do I Start?

Start With A Mindset

We know that you want to dive right in and get answers to the ultimate question you are asking—Where am I going to be in 3 months or 6 months or a year from now? What is THE fastest way I can make the changes I desire because I want to be THERE now?

You may be tempted to be reactive at such a time. Another way to look at it is that it’s a Choice Point, an opportunity to reimagine your future, to consider how decisions in one area of your life affect all other areas. It’s complex. So at any given choice point you can move forward fully aligned, feeling confident, making thoughtful decisions you want to embrace. Professionals I’ve coached who’ve done this inner work experience a sense of “knowing” when decisions are right for them. The future outcome is not guaranteed, but it’s their future and they have the foundation and resilience to pivot if and when it’s needed each step along the way.

Without this, I’ve also seen professionals become reactive and sidelined. Sometimes resulting in future consequences they did not want, but not fully considering choices to avoid. You can grab at offers, settle for less, or you can take control of how you respond to the choice point so you prepare your foundation and build toward a better outcome.

Ask Yourself the Big Questions

  • What do I really want to do at this stage of my life? Am I think ahead? If I’m career-focused now, am I aware of what I might need to integrate a close relationship or raising a family in the next stage?
  • How committed am I to doing the work and getting the best business building advice possible—and following a Development Plan?
  • Who are my supports, mentors, role-models, coaches? And if I don’t have them, am I willing to ask around, seek out those people and consider their input?
  • Am I willing to consider both short-term options or steps toward a bigger goal that might grow into the whole work – life future I desire?

“When a professional adds Choice Point mindset, solutions, and action steps, you can almost feel their body relax, they become excited again, more hopeful, they remember what they love about their work— as together we turn burdens into doable strategies that achieve their future goals.”

Dr. Jan Hoistad

Refocus Your Actions and Attention

For many people the overwhelming desire for a change in their work-life causes them to forget two very important action steps which are actually “doing something.”  They are doing something that in a big way sets the stage for the changes you desire. Maybe for the rest of your life.




1. Clear the Clutter

The first is clearing any clutter that’s in the way. This can be mental negativity, emotional fear, lack of exercise, people who suck your time and energy, not making your bed, not feeding yourself healthy foods or housecleaning, too much stuff. Oh, and excuses. I think you get the picture.

Make a list of clutter to clear and tackle one item at a time. As you tackle each item, new ideas will come peripherally. Capture them in a notebook nearby. Then take action steps and enjoy checking that clutter off your list.

2. Get Practical Financially

The second step is creating a sense of security that comes from knowing your money.  If you want a new work-life, knowing your finances creates security. Assessing your tolerance for risk and respecting it will ground your choices. You will need to feel that security while making big changes.

Security: Freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; well-founded confidence.something that secures or makes safe; protection; defense.freedom from financial cares or from want.freedom from danger, risk, etc.; safety.

Yes, some of you are far along the financial awareness path, but many are not. Some of you may need to share those finances with your mate or loved ones rather than handling it all on your own. You may need a coach to get clear about what you want and then partner with a financial advisor who can guide your financial decisions.

Get started by looking inward. Clear the clutter and know your financial needs.

You’ll feel more solid, less anxious, more self-aware and empowered as you make your next career choices.  I hope you find these steps to create the change you desire helpful. Please share what’s worked for you and reach out for further assistance.


Dr. Jan Hoistad

Business/Career/Executive Coach, Relationship Expert, Blogger, Author

Assisting business owners and experienced career professionals, Dr. Jan Hoistad is an expert in human interaction and communication, entrepreneurship, business acumen, human development, systems, creativity, and learning styles. She’s established her unique business guiding people to accelerate and integrate their professional and personal goals as they develop and transition through choice points across their lives. She has helped numerous professionals, business owners, and teams achieve ambitious goals, joyful relationships, and a greater quality of life.

“My passion has always been to help people reach their fullest potential while creating a richly rewarding and satisfying life. This includes both work and personal pursuits that are choiceful, generative, and fulfilling. Since most people spend much of their lives working, business and career should be one of our major creative arenas. While careers and entrepreneurship are challenging, when professionals embrace the creative challenge behind the work challenge, connect it to their personal goals and growth, it is infinitely enriching to their individual lives, the growth of their company, and everyone they touch.”

Dr. Jan Hoistad