In the beating heart of every entrepreneur, business owner, and business partner, is a desire to move with ease and speed, to be one step ahead of the curve, to have a partner and team working smoothly in the flow, laser-focused on achieving mutual goals and agreed-upon outcomes, driven to succeed.

And, while hoping two minds are better than one is an option, we can help you come together in a true business partnership working for win/wins.

true business partnership working for win/wins

A business is fertile ground for partnering with one or more people, often with complementary skills, energy and enthusiasm, sometimes investing money, bringing connections or a book of business together.

Like many relationships, business partnerships are sometimes humorously referred to as a working marriage. Both are “working relationships.” Humor highlights the complexity such close relationships bring. And like the long-term commitment of a personal relationship, the spirit that brings people together in business also requires interpersonal skill and attention to make the business and the relationship successful over the long haul.

Yet while business partners enter into their legal and working relationship with positive expectations, even enthusiasm, statistics show that anywhere between 50% to 70% of business partnerships ultimately fail. How do you inoculate yourself against such a demise?

This is the first of many articles that introduce an approach to navigating an important business relationship that should be a great asset to you and your business. It offers insight into the mindset, skills, and tools to work as Big Picture Partners™. This style of relating in your business provides you the communication tools and processes so you arrive at mutually satisfying solutions to your business needs—so you enjoy the process of owning, growing, and even transitioning or selling your business together.

Dr. Jan Hoistad is an incredible professional partner to my advisory practice. Her attentiveness to clients who are either in career transition, business growth mode or partnership challenges, has been rewarding to clients. I appreciate Jan’s perspective on how to help cut through the brush to get to the root of issues that need to be flushed out and refined for success. As an advisor to clients, i appreciate her skill set in guiding people through some of the greatest challenges and opportunities! I like to refer clients, acquaintances and friends to Dr. Jan Hoistad!

— Tony Rubin, Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager

Make Win/Win Decisions Together

Big Picture Partnering™ is built on the notion that your business and its people should all come out winners. Achieving this is dependent on you, as leaders, coming together fully aligned as partners. Big Picture Business Partnering™ recognizes the unique skills and competencies of each partner. It provides communication skills and tools to foster the innovation and creativity that arises when two or more come together. It empowers partners to work together, to create win/win options that will work for each of you. Then it helps you provide the necessary guidance, resources, and support so your entire team is laser-focused on chosen objectives and growth markers for your business.

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Learn More to Evaluate What Style You Want

Learn more about each style here in the following articles. I’ve focused on each relationship style in depth so you can see the strengths and weaknesses and ways they might be impacting your business. From this it is easy to identify the style of relating you wish and to receive coaching to help achieve your goals.

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